A black sink is an elegant touch for your kitchen or bathroom. However, it is a real struggle to clean and maintain it in a perfect condition since it’s prone to white stains like soap buildup and limescale. But you’re in the right space, here you will find 5 natural solutions for 5 stubborn stains on your black sink.

1. Vinegar solution for soap stains

You can prepare a solution by mixing equal parts water and distilled white vinegar. Put it all together in a spray bottle and spray the solution on the stains. Also, with a clean soft cloth, scrub and insist on the stains in gentle circular strokes.

2. Rinse out for debris of water stains

Lukewarm water will do the trick for water stains. Target any remaining debris with the sprayer or your hands. Continue rinsing until all debris has been washed down the drain.

3. Soft cloth for a shiny sink

Use a separate cloth that’s clean and dry. Make sure the texture is soft to avoid any damage to the surface. Move in gentle circular strokes with the grain until the sink is completely dry.

4. Get rid of debris buildup

– with a clean cloth or towel, you will avoid damaging your black sink. Wet the cloth with lukewarm tap water and wring out any excess water.

– dish detergent is perfect when you need to scrub in gentle circular strokes until the buildup begins to disappear.

– rinse the black sink with cool water to dilute to dish detergent completely. Target detergent suds and any remaining debris buildup.

– dry the sink with a fresh towel or cloth with a soft texture.

5. Get rid of that ugly limescale

– sprinkle a lightly baking soda film over the stain and let it sit for up to 30 seconds.

– scrub the stain with a clean soft cloth until you feel the limescale begin to loosen.

– rinse the sink with vinegar.

– dry the sink until is completely dry.

IF we haven’t covered some problems you face with your black sink, let us know in the comment section down below and we will find you natural solutions.

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