Laundry came a long time in people’s routine. It is a common practice that we don’t even realize that we’re making mistakes.
Here are five mistakes made when we wash the laundry. You make them too?

You sort only white clothes from the colored ones
Most times, when sorting clothes for washing, you are doing it depending only by color. It should be added, however, several criteria: how dirty clothes are and what materials are made from. For example, separate mud dirty clothes from the easily stained ones, even if they are of the same color. You should also wash jeans separately because they are abrasive and can damage other fabrics.
Bedding should be washed separately from other items, especially underwear.

You mix clothes with socks
You think your socks disappear? Try to put your socks in the washing machine first, then other clothes. This will prevent attaching socks from other clothing items.

You leave zippers undone
The zipper can hook delicate clothing items and can scratch washing machine glass. It is therefore advisable to zip clothes and to put linen items in special bags.

You don’t make colored clothes test
Put clothes in water with an old white sock. If it turns red, then wash separately that piece of clothing until no more color comes out of it.

You apply detergent directly onto clothes
You may think that the order does not matter when you wash laundry. The right order is: clothes first, turn on the water, then add the detergent.

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