The nuisance of dealing with moths is always overwhelming. The moths’ problem is heart-breaking. Especially when you have beautiful sweaters to protect them from. Not to mention they are so stubborn they also lay eggs. Anytime we see moths, the terror begins. So, it’s time to take action and apply the most effective methods. Thus, you’ll get in this article 5 effective methods to keep moths away from your sweaters.

1. Use handheld vacuum

Before anything, you should vacuum your closets for any visible moths. This method is supposed to vacuum even the moths’ eggs so hard to spot. Moth larvae can hide in clothes, under them and in the corners of shelves. So, vacuum everything thoroughly, using crevice attachments for the shelves.

2. Turn to the scent of lemons

That’s right! We already love the freshness of lemons so their scent comes as a good news. Not for the moths, though! Peeling your lemons and gathering them into a cotton bag is highly efficient. Just add as many little bags as you want but remember the scent is quite heavy. So just try at least 1-2 lemon bags and see how things work out.

3. Things even get better with mint leaves

In the same manner as the previous ‘procedure’, you can use mint leaves. Make sure you tightly close the bags so everything stays in their place. You don’t want a strong smell on your clothes like you dropped a Mojito on you. However, the smell will drive moths away and your sweaters will be protected.

4. Eucalyptus leaves also work

Another natural remedy would be the eucalyptus leaves that work the same as the lemon peel. These leaves will repel moths and more importantly, it is an eco-friendly solution. So your environment would be as clean as could possibly be.

5. Bring them out with cinnamon

A handful of cinnamon sticks seemed to work nicely to repel them. In fact, you might find some dead at the bottom of the garment bag. However, the smell is very strong so make sure to place the bag as far away as possible from your sweaters. Unlike you’re like me and you adore the scent.

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