The sofa is the most loved piece of furniture and the house star. The living room sofa is, perhaps the most wanted furniture in the house, because here we spend most of the time. Remember the TV series, “Married with kids”? Well, The Bundy family definitely loved the sofa. And there is where accidents may happen, such as spilling all sorts of liquids on it. And I can say that coffee is the worst liquid to remove from any textile, especially from a textile sofa.

We need to know and understand that stains have their “dignity”, and depending on the material, they are easy or not to remove. An upholstery or velvet sofa is harder to clean than a wool one. Stains will be even harder to remove from a cotton sofa.

Clean coffee stains with sparkling water or with soda
Pour sparkling water over the stain and absorb the liquid using a paper towel or toilet paper. Repeat the operation until the stain disappears. Don’t cover the wet area until full drying. Avoid using colorful towels.

Clean coffee stains with beer

A tweed or wool sofa is cleaned easily with beer. Pour beer over the coffee stain and rub gently with a sponge. Then try to absorb the liquid with a paper towel. Repeat this operation several times until the stain disappears. Always rub the stain from the outside to prevent the stain from spreading.

Clean the coffee stain with vinegar or baking soda

Cotton tapestry it will easily be cleaned with vinegar. Pour a little white vinegar, wait about 10 minutes to act, and then absorb the vinegar and wash it with water and a little diluted detergent. Repeat the procedure 2 or 3 times, absorb the liquid and leave it free to dry.

Or, you can mix baking soda with a little water to get a fine paste covering the coffee stain. After 3-5 minutes, rub gently and wash with water several times. With a paper towel, absorb the excess liquid and allowed to dry. The baking powder will be brushed after complete drying.

After cleaning and drying, vacuum the tapestry using the low power stage of the vacuum cleaner and the brush for upholstery, and only afterwards, use the sofa in the living room again

Image Credits: Thespurce

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