A stain on your clothes breaks your daily rhythm and sends you right away in search of water, the first source of help in such cases. But when it comes to rust stains, the problem is more serious and requires extra effort to remove them. But it is not an impossible mission. Water gets new allies for this purpose, effective combinations that do their job in the end. Here are 3 effective tricks to remove rust stains from clothes.

However, keep in mind that the stain can be removed easier if you act as soon as you notice it.

Lemon juice and vinegar

The first allies you should call are the vinegar and lemon juice. Put your stained clothing item on an old towel (that will be sacrificed for a noble cause) and pour a little vinegar over the rust stain. In the other case, rub the stain with half a lemon. Once the clothing item has absorbed the lemon or vinegar, rub it slightly with a dry white cloth. Let the clothing item dry and then wash it. The rust stain will disappear like magic.

Salt and lemon juice

Another simple combination that helps us eliminate rust stains is the salt and lemon juice combination. Mix the juice of one lemon with a considerable amount of salt, so that you get a paste. Cover the rust stains with this mixture and then let the stained clothing item dry in the sun for up to one hour. After that, wash the item and you’ll notice that the stains are gone. In the case of stubborn stains, repeat this process and the effect is guaranteed.

Steam and lemon juice

The third trick also uses lemon. Boil some water in a large pot. Put the stained side of the clothing item over the hot water container so the steam dampens the fabric. Then pour the lemon juice over the stain and let it act. Finally, rinse. The stain will disappear. Repeat the process if necessary.

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