Cleaning white socks is real job to do. Even if you wash them in the washing machine, they are still dirty! But, some thoughtful housewives, decided to reveal their cleaning secrets, and to bring back the white to your whites, without bleacher.

How to whiten white socks without bleacher?

Method 1 – Boil the socks in lemon water

To whiten the white socks and other whites, you need a larger pot, and fill it half with water. Put it on medium heat to boil, and then add a lemon cut in slices. Put the dirty socks in lemon water and boil them for a few minutes. Remove them with a knife, and then wash them with water and detergent. It should look like new, but if they are really dirty, repeat the process.

Method 2 – Use marine salt or sodium bicarbonate

The evening before washing, soak up the socks in a basin with cold water where you put a handful of salt or baking soda. You can also add baking soda to every wash. The stains will disappear, and your whites will be shiny new.
On the other hand, you can make a paste of water and baking soda. Apply it on the stains and let it act, and then you can put them in the washing machine.

Method 3 – Hydrogenated peroxide at a concentration of 3%

The third method that we propose is one that involves the use of hydrogen peroxide. It is recommended to use hydrogen peroxide in a 3% concentration. All you have to do is add half a cup of hydrogen peroxide in your regular washing detergent. And in this case, the whitening effect should be obvious. Attention, hydrogen peroxide doesn’t contain chlorine.

Image Credits: Blahblahmagazine

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