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How to clean bathroom limescale fast

Bathroom lime stains are unsightly and can hide germs, mold and rust. See how to quickly clean the bathroom and get rid of limescale without spending a fortune on special products.

Get rid of shower limescale
Shower head can be filled with scaling and water will start to flow crooked, dropped, or not at all through some slots.
The best natural solution for cleaning shower head is to sink the whole body in a solution of vinegar. Put the shower head in a plastic bag, pour white vinegar exactly to cover the subject and link with an elastic bag the rest of the installation.
Leave to soak overnight and in the morning rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Clean the sinks quickly and easily with lemon
If you do not like the smell of vinegar, or you have a small bathroom without ventilation, you can successfully use lemon juice instead of white wine vinegar.
Cut a lemon in half and rub the sink drain with her. You can leave lemon over the drain for a faster effect.
Leave to act for 20 minutes and use a harsher cloth. Well scrape the limestone then rinse thoroughly.

Flat surfaces are easier to clean, although the limestone is lodged deeper on porous materials layers than on metals.
A solution of vinegar should solve the problem immediately.
Stone is best cleaned with acid, so if you do not have lemon or vinegar, you can try other solutions. Sodas are a handy solution for big surfaces, but you must take care to coloring and sugar they contain.

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